Power for rural or remote areas

Power for rural or remote areas

Modular and scaleable power

Greencamp Solutions specialises in delivering you the power where and when you need it.

With scalable solutions you can power everything from laptops to full size camps. Diesel and generators is an option, for backup

Power generation and protection, 2 in 1 solution. GCS Powershade®

GCS can provide a range of solar PV technologies from ultra rugged, foldable portable small soldier systems upto lightweight large scale systems comparable to the traditional heavier glass PV panel systems. These can be built to provide a level of ballistic protection if required – Contact us to find out how.


GCS Powercontainer® do generate 40KW/H,

Power for people on the move

The smaller soldier portable systems based upon our proven foldable panels allow troops to utilise power wherever they may find themselves, they just need sunlight. Can be used for recharging batteries, powering radios, laptops or providing constant power to sensor systems or small lighting systems.

Solar for roofs

With installation our flexible and powerfull solar panel you dont need alu on roof,

Lower installed system costs, Large format module · 100-300 Watts
· 5.75m x 0.50m dimensions
· 30% to 40% savings in BOS & installation costs


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