Waste Handling

Waste Handling


GCS Wastehandling provide Containerisation which enables immediate waste management as the units are fully assembled and pre-installed

Containerisation is the most feasible and viable option in contrast to the construction of on-site facilities and housing structures, eliminating the man power and costs involved. The system has the added benefit of total mobility (both local and international), and is ideal for military and civil camps and remote locations where infrastructure is scarce. They are ideal for use as emergency incinerators in disaster zones, humanitarian crisis or where the unit needs to protected from extreme weather conditions. But also in ordinary civilian areas

The units arrive complete with electrical power system

The units arrive complete with electrical power system with further customization available to suit all needs, regardless of local resources available.

GCS containerised systems arrive on site with our Powercontainer® or fully installed fuel supply, electrical generators, and control panels, with extra options available such as lighting, etc

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