Water Handling

Water Handling


GCS Water-handling provide water purification and desalting systems delivered from container system size to small portable systems

Lightweight and mobile systems for the military, emergency and expeditions

All systems powered up by our different power systems

CBRN -  Chemical/biological/radioactive/nuclear polluted water can be
treated by Reverse Osmosis technology.

Water logistics, Fast deployable water solutions. Less than 10 minutes from arrival to clean water production is possible

Water economy, huge savings possible by on-site purification of water. 

Water for Green Defence water concept can be powered by different GCS power solutions, PET bottle waste can be eliminated.


Drain, Sewer,

Even sewage water can be cleaned

Save water and money when you do shower

Every time you need a shower you waste water.!! GCS Water provide a shower solution where we purify the water again and again and again. 


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